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 Water Quality of the re-directional canal at Bukit Timah


Recently, flooding has been occurring due to the heavy rains. To solve this problem, PUB has decided to build a re-directional canal to redirect the overflow water during heavy rains from Bukit Timah to Sungei Ulu Pandan Canal. However, this canal runs through a forested area and is untouched by humans. Thus, this research studies the quality of water in the redirection canal by measuring the amount of pollutants in the water. We tested for a total of 11 different variables in which two were tested for on site. (WHAT FACTORS AFFECT WATER QUALITY? (n.d.). Retrieved from Results indicated that the water in the re-directional canals had a higher amount of pollutants. The water in the re-directional canal was murky when we collected it and we have come up with the conclusion that it is due to the construction work taking place near the canal. Future studies can be done in other factors of water pollution such as bacteria and biological sampling.

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